The SBA24® formula found in Membrasin® Vaginal Moisture Supplement was launched in the Finnish market in 1997 after intensive development work and collaboration with universities and research institutes. SBA24® is a reliable and effective nutritional supplement, which is particularly well suited for maintaining the well-being of the skin and mucous membranes of women. Membrasin® continues to be a pioneer in its own category of women’s health care – and still after 21 years of the launch it holds a market leader position. Today, the product is sold in dozens of countries worldwide.

Membrasin Life Sciences is dedicated to providing women in the United States with the most studied, scientifically tested sea buckthorn formulation in the world, SBA24®. Human clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of this standardized formula to assist women with the life challenges associated with vaginal dryness.

Let the only sea buckthorn formula in the world with human clinical studies change your life, and enable the Unlimited Woman in you to live the life you truly desire.

The Membrasin Life Sciences Team
Atlanta, Georgia

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