Birth Control & Vaginal Dryness: You're Not Alone

Birth control is a real lifesaver, but some of the side effects are rather troublesome. Depending on the method of birth control you’re using, you may experience weight gain, nausea, mood changes, and yes, vaginal dryness. In fact, from three to five percent of women undergo distressing vaginal dryness when on the pill. If you’ve switched to a new kind of birth control, you may wonder why all of a sudden your vagina is staging a mutiny. But don’t worry: you don’t have to switch to an IUD! Natural and effective alternatives are here to safely help relieve your vaginal dryness.

Why Birth Control Can Affect Your Vaginal Lubrication

Why Birth Control Can Affect Your Vaginal Lubrication

If you are taking hormonal birth control, chances are you may be experiencing unwanted vaginal dryness. Whether you’re using the “pill,” a patch, or a shot, hormonal birth control basically mimics menopause. An imbalance or fluctuation in hormone levels can cause unwanted and uncomfortable dryness. Though birth control contains estrogen, it can actually result in less estrogen in circulation. The overall effect can result in a drought between your legs.

Low libido is a knock-on side effect for those who are facing vaginal dryness. Scientific studies have shown that those who take certain types of oral contraceptives often experience a significantly lower FSFI score (female sexual function index), which assesses overall sexual pleasure, function, and satisfaction. Essentially, this means that the side effect of vaginal dryness isn’t merely an irritation, but rather, it may be a relationship-altering hardship.

Birth Control & Vaginal Dryness

Switching birth control may help, but it’s not an option for everyone. Exchanging one birth control for another means you’ll need to get used to a new set of side effects. Further, you’ll have to consider effectiveness, price point, and convenience. Fortunately, you can help mitigate the adverse impact of vaginal dryness naturally.

What You Can Do About Vaginal Dryness

Many women turn to personal lubricants to help to reduce the pain that happens during sex. However, lubes don’t provide a long-term solution, and vaginal dryness doesn’t magically disappear when you’re not having sex. The burning, swelling, and itching can bother you all day long. So, while lube may be adequate for the immediate sexual encounter, in all likelihood, you won’t feel like yourself until you find a solution that helps relieve your chronic dryness.

Unlike most products for vaginal dryness, Membrasin® products don’t contain estrogen, meaning they can work with your birth control. In fact, Membrasin® Vitality Pearls are the only clinically studied vaginal dryness oral supplement available. The results of our products are backed by science. They can help you get your sex life back while you stay on the birth control of your choosing. The Vitality Pearls are oral supplements that have natural ingredients proven to restore vaginal moisture. The Intimate Moisture Cream will help end that upsetting itching and burning so that you can enjoy sex (and life!) again. The cream isn’t a lubricant, but contains SBA24® to nourish and protect the skin, lactic acid to balance pH, and hyaluronate to provide optimal moisture that delivers long-term relief.

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