Celebrating Menopause!


If you haven’t heard the clip from Fleabag, where Kristin Scott Thomas talks about what a joy it is to reach menopause, you might consider watching it (though be forewarned, it has plenty of cursing). Menopause is often seen as a problem to fix, and too often, the delight women experience is overlooked.


Menopause deserves a celebration for so many reasons: it marks a transition to a liberating phase of life, you no longer have a monthly menstrual period, and it’s the start of something new and exciting. Menarches, or parties that celebrate the onset of a young woman’s period, are gaining in popularity and visibility. But there’s something even more exciting than getting your period for the first time: not having to deal with your period ever again. So, though menopause isn’t something that’s widely celebrated in the US, we think it deserves more pomp and circumstance. Below are some ideas to get the party started.


Menopause Is Cause for Celebration

The irritating side effects of menopause are well-known: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and even insomnia. But menopause is not a disorder—it’s a natural part of aging that brings a lot of upsides with it. You will no longer have the monthly cycle of bleeding and cramps or uncertainty about fertility and pregnancy. Plus, many women note greater confidence, in part due to the settling down of hormones. Some women feel a surge of creativity after menopause, and others feel a sense of relief. Many find that they enjoy having more time to spend on themselves, looking inward, and taking stock before moving on to their second act. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, and other events that mark the passage of time, and menopause is at least as significant as those.


Celebrate Menopause in Your Own Way

Menopause parties are already happening, and great ideas for themes abound on the Internet, though they are still rare enough that you might not be able to find a Hallmark card appropriate for the occasion. Nevertheless, more and more women have discovered that menopause is an important rite of passage and are deciding to throw themselves a party. A brief Pinterest search will show you adorable ovarian-themed cakes, cocktails like “the Hot Flash,” and games to honor the passing of youth and the arrival of wisdom.


If you’re not a party person, you can still find a way to memorably mark the occasion. In the UK, menopause cafes are available for women to support, provide assurance, and get to know other women going through the change of life. Even if you don’t live across the pond, consider spending time with women in your age group who are sharing your experience. Reading books to learn more about the history of menopause or memoirs from women who have already gone through it can be an encouraging and private way to celebrate. Find a support group—even if it’s just a positive menopause blog or online community—with whom you can share your feelings, insights, and thoughts about the change of life.


Another Way to Celebrate Menopause: Manage Its Symptoms

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