Experiencing Vaginal Dryness? A Comparison of Natural vs. Synthetic Estrogen Remedies

Many women who experience vaginal dryness or hot flashes during menopause are introduced to hormone replacement therapy (commonly referred to as HRT) by their doctor. Since studies have linked long-term estrogen use to increased risk of endometrial cancer and estrogen-progesterone use to increased risk of breast cancer, many women are interested in finding alternative ways to help alleviate their symptoms.

One such alternative to these synthetic estrogen options is natural (or bioidentical) estrogen. If you’re faced with this decision, it can be helpful to understand the differences between the two types of estrogen as well as the medical studies on their efficacy as vaginal dryness remedies.


Synthetic Estrogen: Benefits, Risks, and Other Considerations

In the world of estrogen, the synthetics are the old standbys. Prevalent brands like Premarin are frequently prescribed to treat menopausal symptoms. The medical community has conducted long-term, significant studies of this synthetic hormone, and the consensus is that it works. Women who take synthetic estrogen for vaginal dryness treatment, to mitigate hot flashes, or to prevent osteoporosis will likely see positive results. The downside is that, taken alone, risks for endometrial cancer increase. Taken with progesterone, breast cancer risk rises astronomically—by about 75%, even during short-term use!

Worse yet, this treatment isn’t an option for some women. Women who have hormone-dependent cancers or are at high risk for developing them will not be able to use synthetic estrogen as a vaginal dryness remedy. Those who are undergoing chemotherapy will need to forego synthetics as well as women who are already at an increased risk of heart attack, blood clots, or stroke will not be able to use this type of prescription. If you’re considering synthetic estrogen, be sure to give your doctor a complete medical history first.

Natural Estrogen: Benefits, Risks, and Other Considerations

Natural hormones are obtained from plant-based sources and have the same molecular structure as the hormones your body makes on its own. The hope with natural estrogen is that the human body will be better prepared to use these hormones since they are bioidentical.

The downside of using natural estrogen to help with vaginal dryness is that there are no long-term scientific studies on how it affects your body. That means there’s no evidence yet that these hormones are as effective as the synthetic kind, or that natural hormones aren’t associated with the same risks as synthetics. Further, some women who take bioidentical hormones experience side effects such as mood swings, weight gain, and increased facial hair.

Both types of treatments are available in a wide array of ingestion methods. Pills, creams, patches, and suppositories are all commonly prescribed.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer as to which type of hormone is the best option out of all the vaginal dryness remedies. Your medical history will largely influence which one of the above routes you feel comfortable trying. Fortunately, if neither of the above options appeals to you, hormone-free vaginal dryness remedies exist as well.

Other Options for Vaginal Dryness Remedies

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Membrasin Starter Pack

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