Medication and Vaginal Dryness: Which Treatments are Common Culprits?

Sometimes, when modern medicine helps you solve one problem, another problem immediately crops up. Depending on the side effect, you can feel like you’re taking two steps forward, one step back with your health. Unfortunately, vaginal dryness is a side effect caused by a wide variety of medications, many of which you may not have the option of discontinuing use.


Which Medications Can Cause Vaginal Dryness Symptoms

Several types of medications can cause vaginal dryness symptoms.



  • Hormonal birth control. The very medicine that allows women to avoid pregnancy can also hamper their drive to have sex in the first place. Progestin subdues the function of the ovaries, which prevents pregnancy; but it can also mean estrogen is in short supply. The reduction in estrogen can result in vaginal dryness symptoms that range from a minor irritation to severe enough to curtail your sex drive altogether.


  • Cold and allergy medications. Another common medication that can cause vaginal dryness symptoms is any cold or allergy medicine that contains antihistamines or decongestants. The same mechanism that helps relieve congestion by reducing your mucus production can also dry out your vagina’s mucous membranes.





How to Mitigate the Side Effects

The reality is that you can’t always switch your medication if you find it is causing vaginal dryness. If one of the bottles in your medicine cabinet is causing vaginal dryness, there’s no need to despair. Many treatments are available that can help you feel like yourself again. Estrogen, for one, is effective but comes with strings attached—strings like significant health risks. Worse yet, survivors of certain cancers may not be able to take estrogen at all. For women whose dryness has nothing to do with estrogen (like those taking antihistamines or benzodiazepines), estrogen likely won’t solve the problem.


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