Vaginal Dryness After Surviving Cancer

Vaginal dryness doesn’t just affect those who are going through menopause, and, surprisingly, menopause doesn’t solely affect those who have aged into their 40s or 50s. Cancer sometimes throws a wrench into your sexual function—including vaginal dryness and early onset menopause. Luckily, cancer survivors with vaginal dryness can do something about it.

Why Cancer Survivors Often Experience Vaginal Dryness

As any cancer survivor can tell you, cancer’s effects on your life, health, and happiness are far-reaching. But it’s not just the cancer; cancer treatment is similarly invasive. Women who survive cancer may have undergone hormonal therapy, which can sometimes lead to early-onset menopause. Even those who do not have hormonal cancer treatment undergo a fair amount of stress—and stress can alter your hormonal balance. Either situation can result in vaginal dryness.

Vaginal dryness is a prevalent symptom for those who have or had cancer. Though 50% of post-menopausal women report atrophic vaginitis, that number climbs to 70% if they have survived breast cancer. Atrophic vaginitis is essentially a cluster of symptoms that occur when your estrogen drops, including vaginal dryness, burning, itching, and others that disrupt your wellbeing and sex life. A different study showed that between 30-100% of women cancer survivors have some form of long-term sexual issue and that they frequently do not seek out help for these issues.

Why Drugs Aren’t the Best Option for Cancer Survivors With Vaginal Dryness

A conventional treatment for vaginal dryness is vaginal estrogen therapy. However, this isn’t always an option for those who had cancer of female organs like ovarian cancer or even breast cancer. The estrogen isn’t safe because some cancer growths are linked to estrogen levels. There are other options for cancer survivors that are safe and effective.

This brings up the question of lube, since it is a hormone-free, drug-free alternative. Using lube to alleviate vaginal dryness can help if no other options are available, but it’s not a long-term solution. The pain and itching that come with vaginal dryness can often affect your sex drive, so addressing the root cause is key.

Why You Don’t Need to Tolerate Your Symptoms

Since cancer does a number not just on your physical health but also on your mental health, it’s vital to address any lingering symptoms you may experience. Many cancer survivors feel disconnected from their bodies or struggle with a lingering fear of cancer recurrence. Your body may feel better than it did when you were undergoing cancer treatment, but it often doesn’t feel like it did pre-cancer, so there is a period of adjustment. Further, some cancer survivors believe that vaginal dryness is a low priority issue since they have undergone so much—this couldn’t be further from the truth. These feelings are a natural part of the healing process, but alleviating any discomfort should be a priority.

For virtually everyone, sex can be a great stress reliever. But cancer survivors are among those most in need of a good dopamine boost and something to take their mind off their concerns. You shouldn’t have to abstain from that stress reliever when there are effective vaginal dryness remedies available!

Additionally, sex can help you reconnect to your body after it undergoes trauma. Pleasure is a way to feel good inside your body again and to feel close to your partner, if you have one. This is especially important for cancer survivors, who sometimes feel betrayed by their body. Vaginal dryness diminishes the quality of your life and can take a toll on your relationship, as well.

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