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What is Membrasin®?

Membrasin's unique 2-step approach to overcoming intimate dryness is powered by nature.  The Vitality Pearls work from the inside, while the Intimate Moisture Cream works from the outside.
Say goodbye to the dryness, itching and irritation that is keeping you from enjoying (or even wanting) sex!

 Intimate Moisture Cream, applied topically as needed, works from the outside to hydrate, soothe and condition the external genital area.  The triple emulsion formula provides topical hydrantion, helps to reduce itching and irritation and supports proper pH balance of the intimate area.

Membrasin Vitality Pearls is a daily oral supplement that helps increase and support natural vaginal moisture. Clinically supported, 100% natural and estrogen free, SBA24® works through the bloodstream to support mucous membrane health. Ditch the inconvenience of vaginal suppositories and enjoy your sex life again!

Vitality Pearls

* Daily supplement that
nourishes and supports the vaginal lining.
*100% estrogen free
*Soy free
*Safe and effective

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2 Step Starter Pack

*Daily inside - outside approach to combat vaginal dryness 
* 100% estrogen free and no animal ingredients
* Safe and effective

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Intimate Moisture Cream

* Topical cream, apply with the fingertips
* Improves the condition of the external genital skin
* Helps reduce itching & irritation

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Over a Half Million Women Love Membrasin®

Hear what a few of them have to say.

Christine S.

I love this product and so does my husband! I have been using Membrasin for years now and have had no problem at all. I will use it for years to come Thank You!

Michelle D.

Membrasin is the best!!!! I’m 56 years old and I’ve been taking the gel capsules for the last 3 years. The are like the fountain of youth!! No vaginal dryness for me!! My husband calls them the magical pills!!

Rosa L.

The best! Membrasin saved my VAG, I used to be so so dry but not anymore thanks to Membrasin! I keep this on auto delivery and can't live without it!

Jennifer M.

I've been using this for 4 months and I’m amazed at the difference !! Painful sex is a thing of the past. I’m so thankful for finding this product!

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2-Step Starter Pack
Your two-step solution to help maintain natural lubrication
Vitality Pearls
A once daily, natural oral supplement to revitalize feminine moisture
Intimate Moisture Cream
A triple-emulsion topical cream to help provide topical hydration
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