The #1 vaginal moisture supplement in the world*

promotes healthy lubrication

supports healthy vaginal function

promotes vaginal comfort

* Measured by sales, world-wide

#1 selling vaginal moisture supplement in the world

Millions of SBA24® capsules are sold each year,  providing urogenital support for women worldwide since 1997.

8 out of 10 Women rate Membrasin

Four Stars 4 Stars or better!

SBA24® is the only vaginal moisture formula supported with human clinical data

SBA24® contains a proprietary blend of sea berry fruit and seed oils, together with bioactive compounds in their natural forms. This unique standardized oil contains essential omega fatty acids in a balanced ratio. It is also rich in antioxidants which are important for human vitality. See the results of the study.


Natural Non-GMO

Gluten Free

100% Plant Based

Safe & Effective

doctor recommended

"I have used Membrasin daily for five years.
I'm a health professional and recommend it to many patients who have also found relief."

Stephanie Palmer

Add your story to over 500,000 women
who have purchased Membrasin.

“I was going through menopause and suffering from vaginal dryness when I discovered the SBA 24 formula. The supplement has also renewed my skin where I have had eczema and psoriasis for most of my adult life. I would recommend this product to any woman having similar difficulties.”

Sandra M.

“Caring for animals and participating in competitive equestrian events have been my life since childhood.
Vaginal dryness and its accompanying discomfort ended my pleasure in these events nearly ten years ago.
Membrasin has relieved my pain and dryness and I am riding again.”

Lisa A.

“Only Membrasin provided a scientific study conducted on over 100 Women. That prompted me to give it a try after using another brand for several months.

What a difference.
My results were nearly immediate.
Thank you Membrasin.”

Jackie B.

100% money back satisfaction guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with Membrasin results, return it for a full refund.

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