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Josette Burton
One of a kind

I stumbled across Membrasin while researching products to help with dryness. I was younger than most women when I got my hysterectomy. I was so scared that being in my late thirty I would never enjoy sex again because it had gotten so dry. I waited till now cause I believe any product should be tested for at least a year. It has been a year and I have to say I am not disappointed in any way. The customer service is amazing and has helped me replace product that was stolen/misdelivered. I can say I do recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about taking it for dryness.

neo g.
Change in 1 week

Easy to swallow tabs. I notice results within 1 week. Highly recommend.

Jane S.
It's worth the money.

I used the cream first and felt relief right away, unlike the cream prescribed by my doctor that's made from mare's urine. I hated using that cream because it was super expensive and ineffective. I have been taking the oral supplement, too. I got the supplement plus cream for a quarter of what I was charged for one tube of estrogen cream. It's a no brainer. It works for me and I'm avoiding the use of a hormone. I'm telling my urologist, gynecologist, and primary care doctor about it.

Laura J.

Membrasin® 2-Step Starter Pack

Membrasin has done wonders for me.

I have no complaints.

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