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It's My After Menopause Hell Miracle

In the last 3 years I have tried many different if not all the HRT's. Prescription and non prescription. Every cream every over the counter Lube. Nothing worked. I was so miserable. Next week I start my 2nd month of membrasin for the rest of my life....after my 2nd week I got this feeling called wetness my own wetness (& it wasn't urine LOL) I thought I had lost forever..THANK YOU 😄

Cancer survivor

I have had extreme pain and sex was horrible. With 28 pelvic radiation treatments I was fried. The doctors gave me several treatments none which worked and my sex unbearable. I bought this it started working right away. I used it for a month I also waited three weeks to purchase again big mistake. I ordered it again and within a week it was 75% better. I won’t stop taking this ever again it’s in my everyday pill use. I have the creme also can’t tell you how happy I am with this telling my oncologist about this Monday.

Fantastic product!

Have been taking the pills for six months and after the first 30-45 days truly benefited from the product; was glad product description disclosed time it may take to notice a difference -- was worth being patient! The cream is also great, although I use that more sparingly. I'm very pleased to have found a non-estrogen product and encourage other post-menopausal women to give it a try, if they are exploring options to relieve vaginal dryness.

Can’t live without it

I have been using Membrasin for about 6 months now. Life changing. I really noticed what a difference it made when I ran out and had to wait a couple weeks for my new package to arrive. Another big deal was I have pretty high cholesterol and it lowered my numbers by like 50 points. I will never go without this.

Good product

The product works

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