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Membrasin® Vitality Pearls

really helps

this product help me significantly with post menopausal vaginal dryness..i highly recommend

Some vaginal love!!!

This stuff really works!!! But i wish I can afford it. I am taking vitality pearls and I am starting to see some improvement with my dryness. Thank you and I love my vagina!!

Membrasin® Vitality Pearls

finally some help- relief

Its crazy getting older... however you dont need to be old to suffer from many female calamities, I had a hysterectomy very young due to a pre cancer condition, as time slid by so did my sex life. Due to dryness and pain I wanted nothing to do with sex. my poor husband!! I tried this product in desperate need of healthy natural help. No hormones !! After 4 weeks of being on this product I started feeling like my old self!!!!! I stopped using vaginal supplements for dryness and heck I am doing soooooo well! This is really unbelievable! I ordered 3 months worth. I wish it was not so expensive.. I wish Insurance would cover natural things..... I will stay on this product!




I love this. Works great, I had a full complete hysterectomy in 2002, it does work. But,, it's so expensive. it would be so good if these could be cheaper. Hard to afford

Excellent Product!!

I am so glad I gave this a try instead of using something that wasn't natural, relief in 4 days, i will keep using the moisture supplement and the pearls as long as it is available!

IT WORKS !!!!!!

I love this product. It has help me in many areas, my skin looks amazing, I had really bad dry scalp and it has help that as well. I would recommend this product to everyone. They only thing i don’t like , I’m a little too juicy downstairs (i just needed a little help staying wet ) so I might start taking one pill a day instead of two but overall I LOVE it!! I would not write this review if it wasn’t true.

Good Stuff

This product works well. It does what it advertises. Will buy more.


I only needed to take one a day because it worked so well. All the dryness and itching went away.

It’s expensive but so worth the price!

I NEVER write reviews but I think this product should be rated #1 for vaginal dryness in post menopausal women! After just a couple of days this works! WOW! Will buy again.

Ladies: Add this to your Anti-aging ARSENAL!

My guy gets this for me on his Amazon account, and I am on my third box currently. I can't even begin to verbalize the difference... It's like the ravages of menopause are in many ways reversed! If you are distressed over what is (or isn't) happening "down there" because of menopause, this is a MUST HAVE. There was a marked difference after about 3 to 4 weeks of use, and I will truly say that I will never be without Membrasin EVER. Thank you to whoever formulated this product, for really giving women something that we need and FREAKING WORKS!!! 👏🏼👍🏼

So happy I found this!!

I ordered my first box on August 10th. It was working for me within 2 weeks. I've seen a huge difference in both increase in moisture and much less painful intercourse. I was really afraid nothing would help. Ready to get on the subscription reorder today! Thank you Membrasin!

From a nurse a fantastic product !

I had severe burning for many years. I exsausted all products with no relief! When I saw this and the supplements that are supported for good skin care And overall good health. The supplements 3,6, 7, and 9 I new it would work if the quality were superb.
Knowing how depleted I am of these foods I hit this head on. These supplements could never hurt you so I took double the amount for a week to get kick started and wow I started noticing a huge difference, I actually got emotional, It took away the burning!!
A nurse.

I recommend

Cost to much but very good didn't help with the flashes but my skin and nail and hair is beautiful. Hair grew like crazy

This works!

I have suffered with internal dryness for years. I have tried many items; estrogen cream, estrogen ring, bio identical hormones. This is the first product that has helped.

So Satisfied

I began using these Vitality Pearls approximately 8 months ago. I am post menopausal and noticed after a hysterectomy, I started to experience dryness and itching. I searched for products online and came across Membrasin’s website. I decided to give it a try and I am so happy that I did. These Pearls really worked (after my first dose) to relieve the dryness and itching. I have been, and will remain, a completely satisfied and returning customer. I will continue to use these Vitality Pearls...Thank you Membrasin.
Note: When I order this product directly from the Membrasin website, delivery is usually 3-4 days; Amazon’s delivery time is is later.

New Health Discovery!

In my 2nd week taking Membrasin, I started to experience less discomfort from menopausal dryness. It started to work! And added bonus, it relieved my dry nose problem as well! Perhaps I will also use fewer eyedrops!
I have been taking Omega 3-6-9 and I am just learning more about the benefits of Omega 7. Membrasin has its main power ingredient rich in Omega 7, that is the Sea Buckthorn. Omega 7 helps mucous membranes to be healthy and its normal moisture.
Highly recommended! Pricey but worth it! They offer a 3-pack deal for a discounted price on their website! Customer service is excellent as well!

Expensive but works

Actually works. Have dryness due to menopause and has helped

Great Product!

I really like this product. It has given me great relief from dryness. It even seems as though my chronic dry eye is better.
My only complaint is the pricing...seems a little steep.

So Glad This Natural Remedy Works!!!

Was hesitant, but this really worked! I just reordered and even told others to buy. Great natural way to feel revived!

Love this product!

Love this product, have been using it for a year and will continue to use

Seems to be helping, still evaluating

Seems to be helping.

It works!

I have had a hysterectomy and I am now menopausal. If I knew that sex would be so painful after menopause’ I would not have had one. This does work. Sex is a lot better. I have tried almost everything and this is the only thing that has helped me so far. I recommend it. I really noticed the difference after completely using one box.

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