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C. G.
Excellent Product

I had a partial hysterectomy three years ago and began to notice I had lost my body’s natural lubrication. I am always hesitant to try a new, expensive product. However, I gave Membrasin pearls a chance and was pleasantly surprised. Just like other reviews suggest, allow 90 days for it to begin working. It is truly a miracle product.

Life Changing

This review is for the supplement (Vitality Pearls)-not the cream. I am 40+ years old. I have struggled with acne my entire life. I started membrasin in Jan/Feb 2022 for some female issues that I thought this might help with. Within 20 days of using my face completely cleared up. I get compliments all the time of how great my skin looks. I'm almost a year in and can't believe how truly life changing this product has been for me.

Worked for me in 2 weeks

I’m 51 and had everything removed as part of cancer treatment when I was 48 I did okay for about 3 years but recently I’ve started feeling sort of uncomfortable and a mild burning feeling that was not any infection etc. I ordered the pearls and the cream and signed up for auto renewal figuring I could cancel if I didn’t like it. The cream, I could take or leave, but the pearls have started working right away. I felt more comfortable in less than a week and after two weeks I noticed that I was actually like my old self down there! The last time my husband and I got funky we didn’t need lube! I’m not even through with a month’s pearls. I’m a big fan!!!!

Kim white
It works great

If you have dryness after menopause I would recommend this to anyone with the issue. I have tried different things but will not stop using these.

Amazon Customer
they really help to moisturize… take every day!

Take every day… helps to moistuize… They work!

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