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It works!

This cream gives the relief that is needed. I would buy again if needed.

K way

I feel as if this product works. I had a surgery and was dry as a desert. It would be so dry that it would hurt. I was de asked as didn’t know what to do. I found this product and it changed my life


Excellent product..Works for his purpose.

Tanya B
Real woman seeking relief

I'm a real, American woman in her forties from the Midwest. I actually purchased Membrasin as a last ditch effort to get some relief from this blasted dry, itchy, sore vagina! I was sick of it! My vaginal dryness, even when minor, caused sex to be uncomfortable and painful. Then... itchiness would happen, maddening itchiness, which then led to excruciating vaginal tears. This cycle went on for 2-3 years. My husband and I were beyond frustrated because nothing worked long term in fixing these issues I had. I ordered Membrasin based on reviews, and I just hoped and prayed that they weren't fake reviews because they seemed promising. I started taking the two capsules a day like the directions suggested. I noticed at about week 2 that natural moisture during sex was much easier to achieve (I got wet without lube and didn't need to lube up in the middle of it.) I also noticed my skin tissue inside was much less painful during sex. After a month, my itchiness was far less. I decided to order another box, just to be sure. There was a delay in my second order and I was out for about two weeks. I would have likely had faster improvement if there hadn't been a gap in taking the capsules. Month 2 I had no itchiness and vaginal pain only happened right before my period. I continued to improve on being able to lubricate naturally and not need bottled lube for sex. I've been using Membrasin for four or five months now and I won't give it up. I signed up for auto-ship to save money and to always have it on hand. I'm bad about taking medications regularly, so I put it on my bedside table with a water bottle and take it right at bedtime so it's a ritual and I won't forget. If after two weeks you want to quit, DON'T QUIT. Membrasin has given me a little bit of my old life back. Currently, I sometimes need lube if we're trying to get in a quickie and I'm distracted, but I have no more vaginal pain!!! This is HUGE for me! I've had some mild itching, (close to my period which has been common in my life) but because my vaginal tissue is healthier now, there is no tearing/ broken skin, which is amazing!!! My life has improved by taking Membrasin, and therefore no longer feeling uncomfortable and in pain due to all my vaginal issues. I hope my experience helps other women find a solution for their vaginal problems. All I can say is, give it two solid months. You won't regret it.

teresa lewis
Very satisfied with this product

Very early premenopausal symptoms

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