FAQ Intimate Moisture Cream

How Does It Work?

Membrasin® Intimate Moisture Cream is applied topically to the genital mucosa and skin. It absorbs through the skin to nourish intimate mucous membranes and helps to ease the discomfort related to dryness, as well as pain experienced during exercise or intimacy.

The triple action of the Intimate Moisture Cream is unique. Its efficacy is based on three active ingredients: 1) sea berry oil (SBA24™) which nourishes and supports the mucous membranes and the sensitive skin of the intimate areas, 2) hyaluronate that moisturizes, and 3) lactate that helps maintain a normal pH balance.

Yes. Membrasin® Intimate Moisture Cream is suitable for adult women. Intimate dryness can actually be a side effect of taking contraceptives/birth control pills, other prescription medications, chronic disease or even stress.

What is in it?

No. The cream is free of hormones, fragrances and artificial colors.

No. All of the oils in the cream are plant based.

How Do I Use It?

The Intimate Moisture Cream can be used as often as needed. A small pearl-sized amount is all you need. Apply to the genital skin to provide hydration and to aid in reducing itching and irritation. The cream is free of fragrance and will not stain underclothing.

Membrasin® Intimate Moisture Cream is NOT intended as a lubricant for intimacy. Do not use the product during protected sex as the oils in the cream may affect the durability of the condom.

Yes. Membrasin® Intimate Moisture Cream is estrogen free and is applied topically. It is suitable for women who want to avoid products with estrogen and the possible negative side effects associated with such products.

If you have an infection/inflammation in the genital area, do not use the cream without consulting a healthcare professional. During infection/inflammation you may use orally digested Membrasin® Vitality Pearls, which are recommended even if usage of the cream is for any reason not possible.

There is no indication that the ingredients in the cream would influence conception either way.

Yes. You may use the cream topically during pregnancy and afterward while breastfeeding. There is no indication that the ingredients are absorbed in to the bloodstream.

What can I expect?

Depending on how often the cream is applied, the look and feel of the intimate skin may improve. For optimal results and feminine vitality, we recommend using the Intimate Moisture Cream in combination with the Membrasin® Vitality Pearls oral supplement. Intimate Moisture Cream works from the outside and the Vitality Pearls are taken daily by mouth and work from the inside. Results may vary by the individual but typically occur within 2-4 weeks when using one or both of the products.

If the mucous membranes are very dry or the skin is cracked or broken, using the cream the first few times may result in temporary irritation or a burning sensation. This should quickly subside as the condition of the skin is improved and the pH balance is improved. If you experience symptoms of allergy/sensitivity, such as delayed and/or long-term sensations of itching or burning, stop using the product immediately. Also, do not use the cream if you know you are allergic/sensitive to any of the ingredients.

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