Meet Health and Wellness Coach Melanie Jordan, NBC-HWC

Membrasin® is pleased to introduce Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and long-term customer Melanie Jordan to our community. 

As part of our mission to support all of you in living your best life while going through its transitions, Melanie will be providing monthly guest blog posts and other content starting in May in her down-to-earth style on a variety of healthy lifestyle topics of interest.  The goal is to give you practical tips you can put to immediate use that will help you transform and optimize your health that fit your busy life.  Plus, she’s available to answer your burning questions within her scope of practice.

Like many of you, Melanie came across Membrasin’s products while looking for natural, estrogen-free solutions to support her own self care as her body naturally changed over time. As she shared with us “when I was a teen and had my first monthly cycle, my Mom was all prepared to support me with a special kit with lots of information she had pre-ordered for the occasion from a leading feminine hygiene manufacturer. However, as my body changed again over the years, there was no kit and very little information to guide me.  Fortunately, I found companies like Membrasin with holistic products that aligned with my approach to health that helped me put the pieces together.”

 Melanie Jordan

About Coach Melanie

Throughout Melanie’s coaching and coaching leadership career over the last decade plus for digital health startups, top health insurers, and her own private practice, Your Healthy Life Made Easy LLC, she’s helped thousands of people from all walks of life get out of their own way and achieve their happiest and healthiest lives. Today she specializes in showing women how to become successful at healthfully losing weight for good and transforming their overall health without gimmicks or deprivation that fits who they uniquely are.

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