Top Spring Activities to Get Your Body Moving

Now that it’s getting nicer outside and feeling more like Spring, it’s the perfect time to get moving. Whether you are a hiking junkie, a spin class fanatic, or taking daily walks is your cardio, one of the most important things you can do for your body this Spring is get some movement in.

What exercising does for you

It might sound counterintuitive, but working out actually lowers blood pressure. Even non-stop sweat-inducing cardio is good for your blood pressure and overall heart health. Another major health benefit of working out is the strengthening muscles, including the heart – which is a muscular organ. According to John Hopkins University, exercising allows our muscles to obtain oxygen from the blood, which reduces stress on the heart since it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Brittany Watts, a Certified Personal Trainer and online health coach reveals to Women’s Health Magazine the benefit of strength training and low-impact exercises on the joints. “Since most strength training exercises are lower-impact, you can build muscle strength and endurance with less stress on the joints.” So, who knows. Maybe strength training is your next obsession.

Here are some of our top spring-inspired activities to get your body, and booty moving.

Power Walking

Power walking

We’re well aware that not everyone is at the stage in their life where they can or want to dive deep into intense exercise such as cardio. And that’s ok. Power walking, or even slower-paced walking is still packed with health benefits. One of these is lowering belly fat. A recent study conducted in 2022 by Hye-Ryun Hong and his colleagues at the College of Sport Science in Korea revealed that walking exercises significantly lowers abdominal fat over time.


Yoga Class

Yoga class

Haven’t tried a yoga class yet or want to get back into the yoga groove? Yoga is a phenomenal practice for both the body and mind and has been historically practiced for a lot longer than other sports. Board-certified Doctor of Osteopathy and yoga teacher, Natalie Nevins, DO explains, “The relaxation techniques in yoga can lessen chronic pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome… and can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia.” So with massive mind-body improving benefits like that, maybe a nearby yoga studio is calling your name.



Aerobic exercises like Zumba

The name already sounds fast-paced, but maybe zooming your way into a zumba class this spring is what you need to feel your healthiest self. Zumba is great because it welcomes everyone from beginners to dance enthusiasts and offers a full-body workout that tones muscles and helps with weight loss. Don’t know much about zumba? Here’s what you can expect. During class, an instructor leads with choreography that you follow to upbeat and quick-tempo music. Following the movements, you’ll work on your arm and leg muscles, core and glutes, for a total body exercise. In no time, you’ll be healthier, more coordinated and stronger … with a few new dance moves under your belt.

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