Vaginal Health: An Essential Part of Whole-Body Health

Vaginal health is an important component of whole-body health. Yet vaginal health gets less attention because of the lingering taboo around discussing sexual health. If you prioritize your health in general but neglect your vaginal health, you may be doing so at your own detriment. Fortunately, if you’re taking good care of your body, some of the benefits will affect your vagina as well. Self-care activities like maintaining a proper diet, practicing hygiene, going to the doctor regularly, and staying hydrated will help boost your vaginal health. But as you age, it’s vital to notice vaginal changes and take specific steps to ensure your vagina is healthy.

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Tuning In to Your Vaginal Health

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your vaginal health is to be mindful of it. If you don’t know what your baseline for normal is down there, you won’t know when it changes. For instance, some types of discharge are normal, while others might signal a problem. If you know how yours typically looks, this can help you determine if there is a problem. Keep tabs on what doctors consider a sign of normal vaginal health and what is a symptom of something larger. If something is amiss, often, your vagina will be the first to let you know.

Vaginal Health Tips

Keeping your vagina healthy is as important as taking care of any other part of your body. Women are often much quicker to dismiss symptoms related to their vaginal health than others that may crop up. Avoiding pitfalls and encouraging wellbeing in your vagina can help optimize your vaginal health for years to come.

First, use condoms or other barriers to engage in safe sex. Preventing STIs is crucial for lifelong vaginal health. 

Next, reduce any irritants that may affect your vagina. Scented wipes, deodorants, bubble baths, or lubricants can provoke an allergic response in some women with sensitive skin. Also, take note of your vagina’s response to latex condoms, and switch to latex-free if you notice hives or wheezing.

Your vagina is an amazing, self-cleaning machine. Washing it with soap and water in the shower is sufficient—there’s no need to complicate matters by douching. Though douching was once popular, doctors now recommend against it as it removes the necessary good bacteria that live inside the vagina.

Lastly, keep your vaginal surroundings as dry as possible by wearing breathable underwear. Anything that traps moisture right next to your vagina creates the perfect setting for a yeast infection. Keep in mind that while your vagina’s environment should be dry, if your vagina itself feels dry, itchy, and irritated, this could be a side effect of a prescription, treatment, or even aging. But it can be treated, so mention it to your doctor.

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