Frequenly Asked Questions

  • Is Membrasin® helpful before, during and after menopause?

    Yes! Women of any age can experience vaginal dryness (whether they are in menopause or not). Membrasin® with SBA24® works to help nourish mucous membranes so they are better able to secrete lubrication. From peri to post menopause, Membrasin Vitality Pearls can help support natural vaginal lubrication and ease the discomfort caused by dryness.

  • Is Membrasin® a non-estrogen/hormone free option?

    Yes! All Membrasin® products are 100% estrogen free, safe and effective. The products are also free of any type of phyto-estrogen (i.e. soy).

  • Can I take Membrasin® even if I don’t know why I’m dry?

    Yes! SBA24® is 100% natural and works to nourish mucous membranes. As these membranes are better able to secrete their natural lubrication, dryness can be diminished regardless of the cause.

  • How fast does Membrasin® provide relief?

    The Vitality Pearls supplement goes to work from the inside through the bloodstream. We recommend taking the Pearls consistently for a minimum of 90 days to allow SBA24® to go to work. Some individuals will begin to see results in the first 3-6 weeks and for some others it can take a bit longer.
    The Intimate Moisture Cream provides a more immediate topical relief from the outside. Apply the cream as needed to address external itching, dryness and irritation.

  • What are the most common causes of vaginal dryness?

    Women of all ages can experience vaginal dryness at some point in their lives. While the various stages of menopause are the most common, there are other culprits. Hysterectomy, other medications such as birth control, anti-depressants & even anti-histamines, cancer treatments (chemotherapy/radiation), use of tobacco or alcohol and even stress can reduce the amount of natural lubrication.

2-Step Starter Pack
Your two-step solution to help maintain natural lubrication
Vitality Pearls
A once daily, natural oral supplement to revitalize feminine moisture
Intimate Moisture Cream
A triple-emulsion topical cream to help provide topical hydration