How to Talk to Your Gynecologist About Feminine Dryness

Feminine dryness: it frequently happens to both pre- and post-menopausal women. It’s also a symptom that women often don’t mention to their doctors. So many women are suffering needlessly in silence, and we’re here to put an end to that. Nervous about initiating the conversation? Here are some tips.

Talking to Your Doctor About Feminine Dryness

The first thing you need to do when talking to your gynecologist about feminine dryness is to be specific about your symptoms. Is it just itching and burning, or do you also experience soreness and swelling? Are the dryness and discomfort constant, or do they show up at specific times (like during sex or at a certain point in your menstrual cycle)?

Talking to Your Doctor About Feminine Dryness

Next, make sure you mention any potential causes that are already on your radar. These include health variations like a change in medication, dehydration due to caffeine or alcohol, douching, breastfeeding, and more. If you’re curious about it, ask your doctor if it could be contributing to your pain. Similarly, list any treatments you’ve already tried, whether over the counter or prescription. If you’ve tried something that hasn’t worked, now is the time to say so. Your doctor may be able to explain why the treatment failed, and you won’t waste your time on a similar process or product.

What Your Doctor May Do at Your Appointment

Knowing in advance how these appointments go can help ease any lingering pre-visit nerves. First, the doctor is going to try to eliminate any medical causes of the feminine dryness. So, you can expect to receive a basic pelvic exam in most instances. If the doctor deems it necessary, your visit might also include a pap smear to assess the health of your cervix. These tests are standard, and they don’t necessarily indicate that your doctor believes that something serious is wrong. Once the doctor has determined the most probable cause of your dryness, they may give you some ideas for treatment, though the most common prescriptions are for estrogen creams, which not all women can safely use.

Don’t Be Ashamed If You Experience Feminine Dryness

Across the span of their lifetimes, the vast majority of women experience feminine dryness at some point. A lot of different options exist, and we want you to get help any way that you can because we’re passionate about ending vaginal dryness. We’re glad you found our community. We want to normalize this conversation—it’s too prevalent to continue to face as much stigma as it does. So, whether or not you choose Membrasin®, we’d like to welcome you to the club of women who’ve experienced vaginal dryness. It’s a massive club since nearly every woman at some point will join.

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