Tips for Managing Physical and Mental Health During Menopause

Managing your physical and mental health is always important, but never more so than during menopause. Menopause causes many physiological and psychological changes, so making improvements to stay healthy during this transitional phase is crucial. Below are some tips on how to do just that.


Managing Your Physical Health During Menopause

Menopause isn’t as dreadful as it’s often made out to be. And, it can be even better if you make changes to ensure your physical health is in great shape when menopause begins. Common sense lifestyle changes will help promote health no matter your age, but they can significantly impact your experience of menopause. Quitting smoking, moderating your alcohol intake, and maintaining a healthy weight can relieve the symptoms typically associated with menopause, like hot flashes and night sweats.


However, there are lesser-known physical changes that can be a nuisance without proper treatment. Some women experience hair loss or thinning due to the decreased estrogen production that occurs during menopause. To help mitigate this, try reducing your stress, using less damaging products on your hair, staying hydrated, and eating nutritious foods.


Menopause can cause changes in your digestive tract as well. This means menopause is the perfect time to start eating foods rich in probiotics so that you stay regular and comfortable. Getting enough cardiovascular exercise during the week can also alleviate menopausal gas pains.


Menopause also means you’ll be at higher risk for new conditions, so it’s good to stay apprised of these risks and make positive changes, rather than waiting for a diagnosis. Your osteoporosis risk rises, so make sure you get enough calcium. The risk for cardiovascular disease increases, which means that in addition to the health changes listed above, you’ll want to get regular checkups at the doctor. Many doctors also recommend staying on top of your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and triglycerides, and keeping an eye on your risk factors for diabetes. And don’t stop having sex! It can be an excellent activity for your cardiovascular health.


Managing Your Mental Health During Menopause

Menopause can cause mental health changes, too, so employing self-care is vital. Self-care during menopause can look like taking time alone without guilt or saying no to projects and activities that stress you out. Some women experience memory loss or brain fog, which is normal and temporary. To help your brain return to normal, try games like crosswords to stay sharp.


Depression and anxiety can creep in during menopause, too. Unfortunately, menopausal treatments like hormone replacement therapy can cause a spike in depression and anxiety. In these cases, therapy, meditation, or an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication may be in order. If you experience these symptoms, make sure you seek help rather than wait for them to go away on their own.


Handling Menopause With Ease

Managing your physical and mental health may sound like a lot of work. Yet, there are distinct advantages to doing so, including mitigating your symptoms and minimizing your risk for future diseases. Think of all the things you have to look forward to after menopause. Ensure you help educate your family on what you’re going through during menopause, and enlist their support when you need it!


Remember, menopause isn’t all about trying to alleviate irritating symptoms. It’s also a celebration of the freedom you have—from your periods and any fertility-related issues—and an exciting transition into a new stage of life. Menopause is not a disease, but it’s essential that you don’t ignore the symptoms you do have. If you, like so many other women, experience vaginal dryness, find a solution that works for you. Consider trying the Membrasin® Vitality Pearls, which were demonstrated to support the vaginal lining, decrease night sweats, and support the overall health of the genital tract in a clinical study.

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