Is Vaginal Dryness Affecting My Libido?

If your sex drive has taken a nosedive, any number of issues could be the culprit. Your libido is a private, personal matter, and it can have a significant impact on your quality of life. When your desire disappears, you may wonder if the issue is biological or psychological, and sometimes, both are factors. In either case, no one should have to live with a permanently low libido.


Why Did My Libido Disappear?

A sudden drop in sexual desire can be attributed to many things. For instance, if you have no libido around your partner but your sex drive returns when you are alone, the issue could be related to your relationship. Your lifestyle can influence your sex drive, too, so don’t overlook libido killers like too high stress or too little sleep. The Mayo Clinic also attributes low sexual desire to physical causes like a recent surgery, conditions like coronary artery disease or cancer, smoking cigarettes, and certain medications.


Hormones play a role, too. Women’s testosterone levels decline after their twenties, and testosterone is partly responsible for the amount of arousal you experience. For many women, menopausal or not, vaginal dryness can pose a substantial barrier to having enjoyable sex. Vaginal dryness can strike women of any age, and it is caused by cancer treatments, common medications like birth control and antidepressants, childbirth and breastfeeding, and even stress. A quick application of lube doesn’t solve the damage caused by vaginal dryness. Without moisture, the vaginal tissue is more delicate and prone to infection. While lube can make sex possible in the short-term, you won’t experience a return to vaginal wellness until you resolve the dryness issue long-term.


If none of these causes seem like they could reasonably be the root of the problem, it’s worth getting a checkup from your doctor to rule out any other underlying medical issues.


When Will My Sex Drive Return?

Low libido can have a drastic impact on many aspects of your life—not just your romantic relationship. A lack of desire that prevents you from having sex means you’re missing out on all the benefits of sex, including stress relief, better quality sleep, and boosted immune function.


Your sex drive won’t return until the cause is addressed. Vaginal dryness on its own is not an indication of low libido. If you still desire sex but vaginal dryness has made it uncomfortable, this can eliminate your libido, because let’s face it: painful sex is the opposite of a turn-on.


How Can I Restore My Libido?

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